Stay free of neck pain while on the road

Posted on: 14 June 2016

Neck pain is a common complaint among a large segment of the population. Although it can be a result of trauma or health conditions, it may also be caused by stress and strain on the neck muscles or the bones or nerves in the neck. One of the common activities that cause neck pain include driving a car.  Have you considered how your seated position while driving might cause neck pain?
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Why It May Be Unwise to Listen to Friends When Choosing Hearing Aids

Posted on: 12 May 2016

Many people who have suffered from some form of hearing loss consult friends in order to know which kind of hearing aids they should get. However, this approach may be counterproductive because it may not address your specific needs. This article discusses some of the specific issues that should be considered when selecting hearing aids. Lifestyle Differences Before hearing aids are prescribed, professionals assess your lifestyle so that they can identify the environments in which you experience hearing challenges, such as when watching TV or when you are chatting with friends.
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Modern And Advanced Dental Technologies Demystified And Their Exceptional Benefits For Dental Patients

Posted on: 29 April 2016

Use of modern technologies in dentistry has made the dental experience more comfortable and easy to cope with for patients. Don't refrain from going for your appointment because you don't like a particular procedure. Instead, inquire from your dentist about the alternatives. Below are examples of non-invasive and very effective modern dental technologies for common dental problems. Teeth Whitening  Laser teeth whitening is a great, modern technology that you can opt for to have your teeth bleached.
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Unnatural Geographic: 4 Ways to Navigate Your Way Out of Geographic Tongue

Posted on: 21 April 2016

Geographic tongue (otherwise known as benign migratory glossitis) is a harmless yet bizarre oral condition which causes your tongue to resemble a satellite image of Earth. This is due to increased sensitivity and inflammation of the raised bumps on your tongue's surface (the papillae). And when this happens, red and white patches can form on the top and sides of the tongue and shift their position over time - much like continents do.
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