Making the Switch to Plastic-Free Sports Tape

Posted on: 21 December 2021

There are several reasons you may be considering making the switch from traditional sports tape to plastic-free options. These non-toxic options are better for the environment and help reduce sports-related waste. They can also help reduce the chances of allergic reactions to various chemicals and materials used in the tape. Before you make the switch, there are some key terms you should know. 

Natural Sources

Most of the plastic-free sports-related bandages and tapes are made of natural sources. This generally refers to the item containing bamboo. Bamboo is natural and considered a sustainable alternative to plastics. Bamboo grows quickly and takes up less growing space than traditional trees. The bamboo can also work well with cotton to give a suitable padding when needed. The bamboo can be composted and is biodegradable if sent to landfills. 


Plastic-free can refer to various parts of the tape. For example, the plastic-free label may refer to the packaging or the inner tube the tape is wrapped around. Plastic-free can also refer to the tape itself. This means that no plastic or plastic derived products or materials are used with the tape. Even the adhesive, if you choose a tape with adhesive, is made of natural products with no plastic byproducts. This is the first label you should look for if you are concerned with plastic in the environment or if you are concerned with plastic related allergic reactions. 


You may notice a label stating the tape is compostable. This means that the tape, the packaging, or both can be placed into a compost bin. The bandage, packaging, or both will break down in the compost and can have a second life as part of a garden soil or fertilizer. If you do not have a compost bin, you can find local nurseries that accept compostable materials or you can find a neighborhood garden that will accept the compostable materials. This ensures that not only are using plastic-free options, you are also ensuring nothing is left to harm the environment when you are done with the tape.

By understanding these key terms and what they refer to, you can make a better choice for the type of plastic-free, non-toxic sports tape you want. You can also become more familiar with the terms used in zero-waste and plastic-free sports products that may also interest you. Talk to a medical equipment supplier to find plastic-free sports tape.