• 5 Benefits of Laser Prostate Surgery

    If you need to undergo prostate surgery, you might understandably be worried about the risks, possible side effects and recovery period. One way to reduce the negative effects of prostate surgery is to opt for laser prostate surgery instead of a traditional open method. Here are some of the advantages that laser prostate surgery can offer. 1. Faster Recovery As laser prostate surgery does not involve making incisions and creating an open surgical site, the site typically heals much faster.
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  • Why Older People Are More Likely To Get A Certain Type Of Ultrasound

    Ultrasounds are a fantastic tool to use to get a pretty in-depth model of soft tissue in the body. They are primarily thought of when it comes to pregnancy because it is the first time most families will see an image of the baby that is yet to be born. That is quite a striking image, but it is also not the only reason ultrasounds are used. In fact, for many older Australians, ultrasounds are used for a completely different purpose entirely.
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