Things You Should Know Before Your First Massage Therapy Session

Posted on: 20 December 2019

Massage therapy is one of the best ways to soothe your body and mind. Some of the health perks you will enjoy when you start your sessions include anxiety relief, improved blood circulation, and better health immunity, among others. But, sometimes, therapy can be up close and personal, and it's vital to prepare yourself to avoid having awkward moments with the therapist. While a therapist will conduct themselves professionally, you also need to play your part to have an awesome massage experience. The following tips will prepare you for your first session.

Don't eat right before the session

Taking a full meal before showing up for your massage therapy isn't advisable. When you are full, your body will definitely focus on digestion, and you might feel uncomfortable when the therapist touches certain parts of your body. But, this doesn't mean that you should starve yourself either, lest you feel light-headed or dizzy during the session. A general rule is to eat lightly an hour before so the food can be digested.

You might need to get naked

Most people find it difficult to get naked in front of others. While it's fine to be hesitant, you shouldn't do this during your massage therapy. Even your undergarments can get in the way of the pressure points, which will inhibit you from getting the best results possible. Therapists are trained and cannot ask you to undress if it's not important. Your undressing will help you get better results, and the extent will be determined by your requirements. Moreover, you won't stay naked throughout the session – your therapist will cover you with draping or sheets.

Communication is vital

Most people prefer staying quiet during a massage session, but this isn't recommended. How will your therapist know how you feel? While you might feel that it's not good to tell your therapist what do, this is what they want. This helps them customise the massage to meet your needs. Also, if you are uncomfortable, do not hesitate to inform them as well.

If you are chatty, you may also bring up a topic or ask questions regarding therapy. The therapist will be happy to take part and even answer all your questions. For instance, you can talk about what they are doing, especially if they repeat the technique severally. This will assist you to know the benefits of what they are doing. But, you can still stay quiet if you don't feel like talking.

Speak to a physio about massage therapy for more information.