How to Save Your Marriage

Posted on: 26 March 2019

Once you get married, you hope that your union will be full of happiness. A few years down the line, the dream maybe far-fetched if you are unable to resolve small disputes in the relationship. In this excerpt, you will learn how to save your marriage. 

Work on yourself. 

As the relationship breaks down, both parties begin to neglect their roles in the union. They may have a don't care attitude towards each other or even become abusive. Your first step to saving your relationship should be to treat your partner with dignity. If there are behaviours your partner dislikes such as coming home late or drinking too much, you need to stop them. Spend more time with your partner and take up more responsibilities at home. Also, show concern regarding your partner's well being. For example, call your spouse during the day to know how he or she is doing. Your actions must be consistent. Do not expect instant recognition. 


People in failing marriages hardly talk to each other. Improve your listening and speaking skills and avoid arguments at all costs. Do not be defensive when your partner complains about something. Accept blame and apologise for your actions. In so doing, you create an opportunity to discuss the issue at hand logically. Make this a culture and encourage your partner to take the same approach.

Consider marriage counselling. 

In severe situations, you should consider couples therapy. Relationship counselling is effective in helping you determine the root cause of your problems. Involving a third party can also create a safe space for spouses to communicate their feelings. In such a way, you get a better understanding of your partner's needs. A good marriage counsellor will help you appreciate each other and work on the various weaknesses in the relationship. 

Surprise your partner. 

Make the relationship thrilling and exiting by going on a date, camp or vacation. Spending time outside your home is an excellent way to remind your partner of the good days you had in the past. It may also stimulate discussions on how you can mend the relationship. 

Re-invent your sex life. 

Sex is a critical component of any marriage. Therefore, you must treat your partner with affection. Do not punish your partner by denying sex. Revamp your sex life by changing your sexual practices. Intimacy can significantly change the environment at home since it improves your moods and helps your partner feel appreciated.