Deep Tissue Massage: Neck Area

Posted on: 19 January 2015

Deep Tissue Massage: Neck Area

Therapeutic massage is defined as deep muscle relaxation at trigger points around the body. It is often a medicinal procedure used to patients who have injured specific muscles in their bodies. These injured muscles are known as trigger points. This article addresses patients with stiff necks and directs them on how to manage the pain themselves.

Stiff necks may cause your life to be a living nightmare because the neck area is one of the most frequently used muscle in the body. More adverse pain may cause migraines and backaches immobilizing an individual. Deep tissue massage around the facial, neck and shoulder area will ease the muscle tension all over the body enabling an individual to attend to normal activities with comfort.

A do-it-yourself deep muscle massage involves;

Facial Massage

Opening your mouth as wide as possible and then closing it. Repeat the procedure until your jaw area relaxes.

Placing your fingers on your cheeks, rub them slowly in circular motions around the eyes, ears and nose. This ensures the general facial muscles release tension that causes a migraine.

Neck Massage

While in motion with your fingers around the facial muscles, drop down slowly to the neck. Apply more pressure on trigger point. You will locate this point where the pain arises.

With the right hand, hold your neck from the back where four fingers are on one side and the thumb on the other. Press and release your neck in a continuous manner as you identify more trigger points. Switch to your left hand and repeat the procedure.

Lean your head to the right and stretch as much as possible then switch to the left. Lean forward and try opening your lower jaw to reach your neck. Finally lean back as far as possible.

Shoulder Area

Using your right hand hold your left shoulder and press gently in a circular motion. Lift the left shoulder until it touches the left ear. Make a circular movement with your left shoulder. Repeat the procedure with the other shoulder.

Lift both your hands to the height of your shoulders and move them in a circular motion.


During all massages, ensure that you use a lubricant to rub your skin. This will help your skin relax and breathe. In a chronic situation, ensure that you make a point of visiting a physician such as Massage World - Sydney who will assess the situation appropriately.