Low budget funerals

Posted on: 13 January 2015

Although we'd all like to give our loved ones the lavish send-off they deserve, sometimes our financial situation just won't permit an expensive funeral. This can be a real problem if the deceased has not left a valuable estate or suitable insurance to meet their funeral expenses.  If you find yourself in this position, it's essential that you know how to hold a professional and dignified funeral without landing yourself deep in debt.

It's important to understand that saving money on a funeral is not disrespectful to the deceased in any way, and you should always remember that your departed relative certainly would not want to see you going into serious debt to pay for one.

Money saving tips

Here are some useful tips to help you save money when arranging a funeral on a small budget.

  1. Did the deceased make any funeral arrangements before they died? It's entirely possible that you might be worrying unnecessarily; sometimes, people make their funeral arrangements beforehand.  The deceased might have already put everything in place with a funeral director and pre-paid for the plan.  Any such arrangements will usually be mentioned in the Will.  
  2. Direct cremation A direct cremation service is a good money saving option.  An undertaker will collect the body, place it in a simple wooden coffin and transport it direct to a crematorium.  The cremation is performed with just the family present, and an abbreviated service is held.  The ashes are scattered directly afterwards, and, if desired, a memorial can be held at some point in the future. Simple services like this are still dignified and poignant and in many cases the deceased might have actually expressed a preference for an arrangement like this before they died, particularly if they were not very religious and if they did not have many surviving relatives.  
  3. Government assistance If you are claiming benefits, you might be eligible for a one-off payment from the government to go towards the cost of a funeral.  
  4. Shop around Many people only approach one funeral director when it comes to arranging a funeral.  It's a good idea to shop around and obtain quotes from several different companies.  Sometimes, if you explain your financial circumstances, you might be offered a discounted rate for a simpler service or for prompt payment immediately after the funeral has been held.

In conclusion

In an ideal world, everyone would like to give their departed loved one the most lavish funeral possible.  Unfortunately, this is not always financially possible, but you can still make their final send-off special without breaking the bank. For more information, contact a funeral professional such as David W Bull.