5 Unique Twists on Traditional Funerals

Posted on: 18 November 2014

Everybody knows that a funeral service is for those left behind more than for the person who has died, but everybody also knows how important it is to feel like the service would have suited their loved one. Planning a funeral is a difficult process as it must usually be organised in the midst of deep grief and mourning. However, a funeral is an important part in the healing process and many people find that a well conducted funeral can provide some amount of comfort and closure.

Here are some unique takes on traditional funeral services:

Special Coffin Designs

Coffins are no longer just wooden boxes lined with fabric. A deluxe coffin is not about the cost of the materials but about the sentiment. Personalized designs can be ordered that include photo printed or decorated exteriors. Another idea that is gaining popularity is to have a plain white coffin and allow guests to write their own farewell messages on the outside.  

Relevant Music

Music that is traditionally reserved for funerals is sentimental and aims to facilitate remembrance and mourning. However, songs that meant something to the deceased person or to their closest family and friends can be helpful in setting a more personal tone, even if the music is not obviously somber. This may be even more effective when combined with a photo slide show of the deceased.

Personal Items

Some people might like to display personal items such as treasured toys, heirlooms or accomplishments at their loved one's funeral. A funeral should speak to the character of that person's life and what better way to do that than by showcasing the things that made them unique? Depending on your funeral home beloved pets may also be able to attend the service which is something many people may appreciate.

Life Celebrations

Consider having a 'celebration' instead of a funeral or memorial service, even if it is some time after the burial or cremation. The idea that a person's life should be celebrated, even as their death is mourned, is gaining in popularity. The tone of such an event may be more casual than a traditional service. Life celebrations are ultimately a great way to keep memories alive.

Specific Locations

Funerals and memorial services don't necessarily need to be held in a funeral home or religious institution. Selecting a location that meant something to the deceased is an alternative option, especially if the body is not required at the service. An outdoor memorial in nature or even in the home of the deceased person might help mourners feel more connected to the person who has passed on. 

Funerals are one of our last chances to honor loved ones who have passed on and they mean a great deal to those left behind. Don't be left wishing that your funeral, or your loved one's funeral had been more personal. As uncomfortable as the topic may be consider talking to your loved ones about what they would want to happen at their funeral and make your wishes known to them. Talk to funeral homes such as Farrell & O' Neill Funerals to learn about how you can ultimately personalize an upcoming funeral and make it more meaningful to everyone.